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How to choose the right bicycle helmet for children

September 20, 2022

Children and people under the age of 15 must always wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle or being transported on a bicycle. And considering how significantly, at least 50%, the risk of serious head injury is reduced by wearing a helmet, there is no reason not to invest in a bicycle helmet for the child.

But what is good to consider when choosing a bicycle helmet for children? Follow the tips below, and you’ll know!

5 tips when choosing a bicycle helmet for children

  1. Choose a children’s helmet that is approved, then you get a guarantee that the helmet will withstand a hard blow to the head. The CE mark is the European standard for approved bicycle helmets.
  2. For a child under the age of seven, you should choose a bicycle helmet with a green buckle. This means that the buckle is designed to release when the load that occurs should the child get caught in something with the straps. However, the buckle does not release when dropped to the ground.
  3. The bicycle helmet should fit well on the child’s head and not flop around. It should be comfortable and protect the neck, crown and forehead without sliding down the neck. The child’s helmet must sit horizontally on the head. Adjust to the exact right fit using the straps and neck knob. A good rule of thumb is to have a maximum of 3 centimeters from the eyebrow to the front edge of the helmet on the forehead. There should be room for two adult fingers between the chinstrap and the child’s chin.
  4. Kids are picky, aren’t they? Therefore, it is a good idea that you yourself look for a suitable, approved children’s helmet, and then give the child the opportunity to choose the color and pattern, etc. Then there is a greater chance that the helmet will be used without being hit. And the more colors, the more visible the child becomes in traffic. Reflectors on the helmet give extra points.
  5. A bicycle helmet only provides maximum safety in the event of a single fall from the bicycle. Even if it’s not visible, the helmet may have hidden damage that means it won’t protect as effectively next time. Always buy a new helmet if the child has fallen off the bike and hit his head.
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